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The division dedicated to projects.

Over time, Turri has proudly developed a special Contract Division exclusively dedicated to turnkey projects: private residences, offices, shops, hotels and yachts. The Company dedicates creative and productive resources and collaborates with architects and designers to offer a complete service to the client. The range, able to satisfy most of the interior design requests of an international public, is vast and totally personalized.

Turnkey Projects.

Our Contract division has already completed important projects all over the world creating furniture and interiors for hospitality, residential, commercial, entertainment and office buildings. Over time, the Company has specialised in high-end residential apartments, private residences, palaces. A tailor made service with a luxurious style and superior taste, within which every single element, even standard, becomes personalized, revealing how Turri creations are the one and only in this field.


Private villa
China - Beijing
Hangzhou Shangtang
Private Villa
Mock up apartment
The One Hangzhou
Private mansion
China - Harbin
Donetsk Ukraine
Private villa
South Africa
Private Villa
Hong Kong
70 mt
Royal Suite


The luxury of being able to choose the contract according to Turri

Turri boasts extreme versatility thanks to its capacity to personalize its own standard collections to match specific specifications. This flexibility allows the Company to develop and produce small, medium and big projects with many different characteristics.

The design, the uniqueness and timelessness of the finishes, the attention to detail, and unparalleled quality, along with the use of innovative technology and the ability to satisfy even the most difficult requirements allow Turri to content even the most demanding clients.

Turri, as the Main Contractor, works alongside the other companies, demonstrating its flexibility even in supplying marble, ceramic floors, wall claddings, flooring, ceilings, wall paper, curtains, bathroom accessories and fixtures, decorative elements such as lighting, rugs, vases and many other accessories. A continuous task of coordinating various specialized suppliers and guaranteeing the quality of the final result.

The Contract Project

From the first analysis…

The Client and the Architect create a common vision, sharing the idea at the base of the project and select the style that the interiors must portray according to the client’s taste.

A team of experts selected by Turri analyse the feasibility of the task, acquiring the layouts, designs and images of the structure and the interior spaces. The requests of the client and the type of interiors to be developed are studied.

When requested, Turri’s architects can do a site inspection and discuss the client’s specific needs to better understand the client’s taste in order to offer the best possible styles and solutions.

…to final realization.

The architect prepares a scaled layout of the rooms including the furniture and decorative elements: Panels, doors, chandeliers and all other accessories such as lamps, ceiling lamps and rugs.

In this phase, 2D drawings are used to give the client a complete interior proposal with relative finishes, materials, claddings and leathers and to explain the choices.

At this point, the architect may prepare presentation sketches which primarily detail the surfaces and the finishes, always in respect of the clients style.

Thanks to 3D renders, in this phase the cleint may judge the project with a better understanding of the final project.

Turri’s architects prepare presentation boards subdivided per room. The images are accompanied by a series of samples that help the client to easily select the finishes, the fabric and leathers.

Once all aspects have been approved, the design team may produce the executive technical plans, inclusive of the decorative variations which will require the clients final approval.

Once approval has been granted, the production phase begins and is completed. Shipping of the furniture and accessories will follow.

On request, a specialised team of fitters is sent to site to do the installing. If necessary, the client may ask Turri for supervision only and Turri will supervise local fitters appointed by the client.