to Andrea Turri

A remarkably surprising choice.

Along with Andrea Turri, the company decided to explore new conceptual areas and a new design language. A new way of creating beauty, which the entrepreneur explains as follows :
“We live in a world full of noise: I am convinced that the signals must be strong and clear in order to be understood. When I took over the family Company, I had a lot of experience matured from an international context. An idea of the world which allowed me to understand that a brand must change if it must remain authentic to itself.”

…In what way?

“As anyone from the furniture industry, my art is not very different from that of someone producing films, tv series, book or furniture. I both cases, one starts from the beginning, from emotions tied to history which we want to talk about, from the type of world we want to propose: My works consists in proposing something that does not already exist.”

…. But is it something necessary?

“ Indeed. Until a few years ago, Turri was a producer of “classical” furniture. Recently, it was decided to create new contemporary ways of giving substance to the idea of beauty and exclusive elegance. “

Inevitably, one must ask you in what way does your style differ from that of others?

Exactly the same as fashion designers that don’t sell “objects to protect you from heat or cold” but identity signs, social and cultural markers, I want to create a cultural universe, different from all others but quickly identifiable and recognisable. An idea of the world, even before a series of products. An idea of sociability, even before elegance and function.

A new cultural world alongside the previous one, which cohabitates with the pre-existing one.

“Exactly. The Turri brand meets the creative minds across the globe. International designers such as Jiang Feng and Libeskind. From this encounter a new interpretation of taste and the Italian way of living is born.” The “Italian thought”

contaminates International tastes and it is in turn contaminated; an exchange generated by a confrontation and a connection. The objective?

“Making everyone understand that Turri does not sell a product, nor a series of products, but a lifestyle and a love for life dedicated to beauty and to the sole pleasure that only beautiful things can give us.”

A world of luxury?

“Luxury is a complex word, I don’t believe that its opposite is poverty, but vulgarity. Beauty is never vulgar.”