Hangzhou Shangtang

Turri style in the heart of Hangzhou

Exquisite materials, precious surfaces, sophisticated colour schemes and unique details that exalt both the architectural features and finishes as well as the furnishings and accessories.
Turri’s style is all about attention to detail and this is expressed to the fullest inHangzhou Shangtang, a project in the city’s Gongshu District, as part of the dynamic and continuously evolving context that is transforming the capital of the province of Zhejiang, this interior design project, created for the partner FOR.D, highlights Turri’s design ability and clearly shows the company’s talent for creating bespoke furnishings for specific projects.
Light, sand-coloured marble with unique veining, warm Chevron wooden flooring and sophisticated leather panelling, as well as the precious surfaces, all express the pursuit of excellence that can be found in all aspects of this project, the real challenge in high-end projects such as the one in Hangzhou Shang-tang.
The panelling is a great example of this perfect symbiosis between an attentive design in striking just the right balance in terms of proportions and modularity of the walls, and the ability to integrate a range of features and materials. Overall, this project is the result of a contemporary approach that attributes a decorative role to the essence of the materials, combined with a concept that has been transformed into a linear design, acting as a backdrop to the soft shapes of the furnishings and accessories.
Turri has contributed its design expertise and production flexibility to create bespoke furnishings, in-cluding some of its collections in this organic and harmonious environment, such as its Madison dining room, Noir line for the TV unit, small tables and rugs, and Vogue office chair for the study.