Blues系列妆台造型复古,带胡桃木结构。两个抽屉正面可选择真皮包覆或胡桃木。台面可选大理石、胡桃木或皮革。 Blues系列妆台有多种饰面颜色可选,可参考小样。

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    Structure: walnut veneered wood particle panels and plywood.

    Legs: in solid walnut wood.

    Drawers: one drawer available in two options: with front covered in leather and with walnut veneered front.

    Top: available in three options: walnut veneered top, in leather or in marble.

    Details: metal in Audrey Bronze or Light Gold finish.

    B243 - B243M
    B243L - B243LM
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