Blues 系列的餐具柜在优雅和多功能中找到了空间,由胡桃木制成,配有木质或大理石台面和金属型材。保证产品稳定性和独特性的材料,非常适合基本家庭环境的需求。四个门和一个抽屉,带有典型的 T 形把手,在多个层次上增加了功能和存储,使餐具柜变得实用和创新。根据样品卡,Blues 餐具柜有不同的饰面可供选择。

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    Structure: walnut veneered wood particle panels.

    Legs: in solid walnut wood.

    Drawers and doors: one drawer and four doors available in three options: front covered with leather, front in glossy monochrome lacquered polyester finish, with walnut veneered front.

    Top: available in three options: walnut veneered top, top with leather application or top in marble

    Details: metal in Audrey Bronze or Light Gold finish.

    B200 - B200M - B200S - B200SM
    B200L - B200LM
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