Net 组合式沙发

Net沙发的特色是当代化结构与细节丰富的编织鞍座的平衡对比。 它有两座三座或四座可供选择,底座为经过热处理的桉木,并配有皮革或织物装饰。Net沙发有样品卡中所示的不同饰面可供选择。

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  • 信息技术

    Structure: solid wood and plywood with Polyurethane foam padding in different densities. Armrests and basement in solid wood ,heat-treated Eucalyptus finish.

    Side panels: Woven saddle available in eleven options: natural, dark brown, ocean, mud, taupe, cognac, grey, ivory, brick, hazelnut and black colours. Not available in customer saddle.

    Pre-upholstery: polyester wadding.

    Upholstery: non-removable in leather or fabric.

    Details: metal Matt Light Platinum finish.

    For the index of elements download the technical sheet
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