Noir系列吧柜带有如悬空般轻盈的高亮光烤漆木质框架;两侧由真皮及淡金色金属细节装饰,为产品增添价值感;玻璃柜门及搁板作为功能性部件,同时也为吧柜带来轻巧感。 Noir吧柜有多种颜色饰面可选,可参考小样。

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  • 信息技术

    Structure: MDF and wood particle panels, hand-decorated glossy polyester finish. Leather applications.

    Doors: two in glass and two with leather applications.

    Internal equipment: two side compartments with four glass shelves and a central compartment with two glass shelves with bronzed mirror walls.

    Decorative details and handles: Light Gold or Bronze finish metal.

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