Vogue系列书柜采用高亮光烤漆木质结构,中部滑动式柜门可滑至左右两端,绗缝真皮镶嵌为其增添价值感;书柜内部带镜面底板、玻璃及木质搁板。 Vogue书柜有多种饰面颜色可选,可参考小样。


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  • 信息技术

    Structure: MDF, plywood and wood particle panels, glossy hand-decorated polyester finish.

    Sliding door: one with embroidered leather applications. Printed leathers cannot be used for embroidered parts.

    Internal equipment: ten glass shelves and three shelves in wood, glossy hand-decorated polyester finish. Central compartment with light finish mirror.

    Decorative details: metal Gold finish.

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