The company was founded in 1925, born from the intuition and ideas of Pietro Turri. In less than half a century, Turri became a leading brand of indoor furniture. Its growing success was based on its precise positioning in the market. Turri proposed classical and modern furniture, following both tradition and a particular philosophy. Every single element of furniture produced, from the first chest of drawers in 1925 to the designs of today, can be summarised by three foundational concepts: originality, authenticity and uniqueness.


An exhibitor since the first edition of the Salone del Mobile in 1961, Turri first gained a footing in the Italian market before moving onto the European market. A new production plant marked a transition from the original workshop, sparking the beginning of an increasingly international venture. At the end of the ’70s, a third generation would take over and quickly come to understand the importance of boosting exports. Turri thus became a point of reference for refined luxury furnishings beyond national borders.


In 1975, thanks to positive feedback and the company’s growth, Turri invested in two production plants of 18,000 square meters, with a total of 120 employees. The plants were located in the heart of the furniture area of Brianza, specifically in the city of Carugo. There was a strong correlation between Turri’s successful production and its decision to enter the international scene. Increasing interest in Turri products from customers outside of Europe motivated the company to consider new markets around the world.


In the 80s, the Contract Division was inaugurated and prestigious projects were completed worldwide. Turri’s furniture was selected for its superb quality, finishes and materials. Projects included interior design and furniture for five-star hotels, foreign embassies, lounge areas, accommodations in Africa and residential projects. There was a robust link between the success of Turri’s products and its continued opening toward international markets: these two factors strengthened each other in a virtuous cycle. At the same time, the compelling cosmopolitan dimension of the company spurred the creation of exciting and innovative ideas.


By 1996, the export market represented 90 percent of sales, due to the continuous evolution of production of the furniture, techniques in handling contracts, and the continual desire for traditional, classical products. These factors made it possible to export to almost all the countries of the world.


With the passing of the baton to Andrea Turri, the manufacturer from Brianza specialised in the production of classical pieces of furniture, soon becoming a global leader in creating high-quality, contemporary furniture with details of glamour, conceived for cosmopolitan clientele. The level of export at 99 percent provided concrete evidence of this. It was decided to approach the East, starting with the Russian market, where the brand rapidly became known for its excellence in Italian luxury. The next market was China and, finally, the entire Asian territory, where Turri’s success was extraordinary. By 2009, Turri became one of the most famous and appreciated brands of furniture in the world.


2013 was a decisive year for Turri. The company reaffirmed its belief in the importance and stability of the brand and therefore decided to invest again. A new production plant of 20,000 square meters was inaugurated in Briosco. It was a plant that allowed the company to increase its production capacity, while maintaining top quality. Thanks to improved organisation and efficient logistics, Turri was better able to satisfy requests, thereby guaranteeing excellent service for all of its clients.


Turri firmly believes in continual investment of resources and in projects that pave the way for growth. For this reason, in 2015, the year of Turri’s 90th anniversary, Turri opened a new flagship store in Milan. It is located in Via Borgospesso 11, the heart of the luxury fashion district. This shop was opened with the intention of serving international clients in Milan.


Internationally renowned for its production of luxurious collections, Turri proceeded with its company mission and, in 2019, it opened a mono-brand showroom in London’s prestigious Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, a landmark for the English and European culture of design.


A new visual identity tells the fundamental values of innovation, progress and originality that define Turri’s entrepreneurial philosophy. With a history of bold experimentation and constant reliability, the company has always redefined the standards of elegance and beauty in the world of interior design. Every detail, designed with the same skill as the best Italian tailors, transforms domestic environments into unique pieces, bringing the concept of contemporary living to a higher level.


The Turri of tomorrow has already begun, like all things, ready to surprise las all extraordinary things and at the same time, unexpected.