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Turri has proudly developed a special Contract division over time dedicated exclusively to turnkey projects: private villas, offices, shops, hotels and yachts.The company is also specialized in ff&E services for projects residential and hospitality, employs creative and productive resources and implements collaborations with architects and designers in order to offer the client a complete service. The range, able to satisfy most of the interior design requests of an international public, is vast and totally personalized.

Our FF&E services

    In this inital phase we collaborate with the client to identify the specific requests related to the project. We consider factors such as: budget, style, use of the space and client preferences.

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    Once the requirements are clear, the project management team begins searching for potential suppliers, by selecting the most suitable suppliers among our network of reliable partners. In some other cases, the suppliers have already been selected by the designer team of the client, and we proceed with the management of the orders and purchasing phase. When selecting a partner and potential supplier, we begin with the assessment of their capabilities for the needs of the project. Their eferences, the quality of the products offered, their experience in the field, production capacity, and also we look for partners who can offer trusted.


    We collaborate with the selected suppliers and manage the purchases of the items needed for the project. We constantly check the progress of the works, this includes monitoring the orders placed with the suppliers. In order to do this, we use our software system to aggregate product data, track records of all the steps of the orders


    In this phase we carefully check that what received from the suppliers is exactly what was required by the project in the order phase. Ensuring that products meet the desired quality standards is crucial to ensure the success of the project as a whole and to the satisfaction of clients.


    For many years we have been relying on a selected group of forwarding agent present in the field, who assist us during this part of the process and in organizing the delivery. We also provide warehousing service when needed by the client. The assistance provided by the shippers covers various aspects, including the organization of the shipment and the logistics management. The group of freight forwarders works closely with T Contract to ensure that the products are properly prepared and packaged for transport and that they are delivered safely and in time to their final receipients. We also take care of the documentation: we check documents against purchase orders to the suppliers and prepare shipping invoices and any necessary documents to ensure smooth custom clearance operations and on time deliveries on site.


    This is the last step that collects all the phases of the project. As an additional service, teams of specialized assembler can be sent on site to install the products or the client can choose to take advantage of a Turri Supervisor who manages and oversees the installation carried out by local assemblers.


    Our team checks that the installation has been carried out efficiently according to the customer’s needs. This control phase is essential to guarantee customer satisfaction and to make sure that everything has been manufactured according to the agreed specifications.


    Expert analysis and area inspection Turri’s experts analyse the customer’s proposed project requirements by acquiring layouts, drawings, and images of the structure and interior spaces. Then we evaluate the customer’s demands and the type of furniture the customer would like developed. If requested, Turri architects can go to the site itself, inspect the areas, and discuss the specific needs and stylistic preferences directly with the customer, proposing the best solutions and styles for the project.


    The architects prepare to-scale layouts of the rooms that include the positioning of products and decoration proposals. With the 2D presentation, we propose the best furniture and related materials. Presentation sketches with project details help the customer evaluate the project. 3D renderings give an idea of how the final project will look once realised.


    Presentation boards are divided by room, with images accompanied by live samples of finishes, fabrics, and leathers to improve the customer’s understanding of the project. Once all parts of the project are approved, the company’s designers prepare technical executive designs of the products and the various decorative proposals for the client’s final approval.


    The custom product is managed with particular attention, every aspect is taken care of ad-hoc for the project and is created with extreme care and attention. From the paneling to the equipped walls, up to the storage and upholstered furniture, everything can be customized and made to measure, according to specific project requirements.


    As an additional service, a team of specialised assemblers can be sent on location to install the merchandise, or, if necessary, the customer can choose to take advantage of a Turri Supervisor, who manages and oversees the installment carried out by local assemblers.

The luxury of being able to choose

Our unique designs, exceptional materials, timeless finishes, attention to detail, and innovative use of technology allow us to surpass the expectations of even the most discerning clients.

Uniqueness, Originality, Authenticity

Our range is vast and completely personalised, able to satisfy the majority of interior design requests from an esteemed international public.

Turnkey projects

To offer a complete service to the customer, Turri dedicates creative and productive resources and collaborates with architects and designers, as well.

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