Collction Riban



Riban’s contemporary research is revealed in a play of surfaces and torsions in which the exterior becomes interior, in which the backrest becomes a seat, and the materials alternate in an organic and logical way. History, the origin of every language, is the meeting point between the contemporary design of Toan Nguyen and the craftsmanship of TurriThe inspiration for the collection comes from Old French Riban.
Dalla genesi di “ruban” in francese e “ribbon” in inglese, la forma elementare del nastro è il punto di partenza delle sedute di questa collezione.
The external casing of the armchair and sofa is covered in leather, in harmonious contrast with the fabric covering the cushions. In the presence of the button, the attention to detail, typical of Turri, is immediate but equally revisited in a contemporary key, increasingly oriented towards design with an international scope.

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