Riban coffee table

The Riban coffee tables are designed with an organic, rounded line that defines the collection . The marble or wood top features leather piping around the perimeter. The legs are covered in leather to match the detail applied to the top. Different heights and dimensions allow you to create useful groupings to suit various areas of the home.

  • Riban coffee table
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  • Technical information

    Legs: solid wood covered in leather.

    Top: available in three options: in walnut veneered MDF, in heat-treated Eucalyptus or in marble.

    N681 - N681M
    N682 - N682M
    N683 - N683M
    N684 - N684M
    N685 - N685M
    N686 - N686M
    N687 - N687M
    N688 - N688M
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