Zenit collection



Zenit is an inviting collection, with its curved almost round lines giving way to a new experience of contemporary luxury of refined design, precious materials and Turri’s typical craftsmanship.

Overlapping layers and spaces, is a characteristic of the entire collection, strongly evident in the shelves or the doors of the storage units. For example, in the sideboard, the structure and the curved leather clad doors embrace a central one in wood, and the tops are contrasting with wood and marble, one on top of the other creating a double top. The leather doors of the vitrine are somewhat embracing , characterized by an extremely light display case on top.

Suspension is the ideal synthesis of the entire collection, strongly evident in the thin legs of the chairs and in the legs of the tables, both in lacquered metal. The structure of the chairs is clad in leather or fabric with comfortable cushions for the back and the seat ; the table has lacquered wooden legs, like the top which is also available in marble.

The whole collection:

Zenit Dining