Azul living

In the Azul collection, Turri’s “Made in Italy” ethos is expressed through the contemporary look and unmistakable style of Paola Navone.

  • Ambiente
  • Designer
    Paola Navone

Borrowing from the artistic world of Yves Klein, who created the most perfect expression of blue, Turri introduces the Azul collection, designed by Paola Navone – OTTO Studio. Turri’s meticulous manufacturing skill and attention to detail approach that of Italian high fashion, thus elevating the eclecticism of Paola Navone, who has reworked the tradition of the Turri brand by reconfiguring proportions and experimenting with materials and finishes.

The sofa of the Azul collection appears as a macro weave in blue velvet, made strictly by hand, which evokes the workings of fashion. Perfection lies precisely in its imperfection, in its ability to welcome and shape the atmosphere in which it is inserted. The Azul armchair and sofa are made of marco weaving, the manual process involves many hours of production, each velvet tubular is cut, sewn, padded and woven by hand. A great craftsmanship capable of giving life to a unique, non-replicable piece.