Roma living

Together, Turri Design and the international style of Monica Armani give rise to the Roma collection, striking a balance between aesthetics and innovation, technology and tradition. In Roma, the stylistic hallmark of the Italian designer is fulfilled by Turri’s expertise in manufacturing.

  • Ambiente
  • Designer
    Monica Armani

The living area includes a sofa, a daybed, tables and a TV cabinet, all of which evoke the great architecture of Rome, in the name of soft and elegant lines. The sofa and dormeuse offer a generous seat and independent cushions, which, along with a plush armrest, deliberately extend along the perimeter of the padding, creating a feeling of immersive comfort.

The inspiring shape of the coffee tables is the appealing rounded line that defines the Roma collection. Cylindrical bases covered in leather support cantilevered crystal tops, forming a detail that becomes a small piece of architecture at the same time. The Roma TV unit, designed with flap doors, features a structure in either glossy lacquered wood or Canaletto walnut, with the sides covered in leather. The flap doors are available in glossy lacquered wood with printed decoration or single colour.