Echo sideboard

The Echo sideboard is evidence of contemporary sinuosity and refined elegance. The base of the structure, made of walnut wood, creates a pleasant horizontal development that gives solidity and coherence to the whole. The doors accentuate the craftsmanship of Turri, recognized for his bold experimentation. The right side, covered in leather, was designed to create a contrast: an effect of discontinuity, almost detaching itself from the rest of the furniture. This detail adds a touch of dynamism and originality to the overall design. In addition to its aesthetics, the Echo sideboard is also extremely functional and welcoming.

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  • Technical Information

    Structure: MDF e curved plywood veneered wood or glossy monochrome lacquered polyester finish, right side always covered in leather.

    Doors: one door in walnut wood or glossy monochrome lacquered polyester finish and two doors covered in leather.

    Internal equipment: two compartments with shelf in walnut wood or in matt laquered finish

    Top: in walnut wood, glossy monochrome lacquered polyester finish or marble.

    B300 - B300M - B300S - B300SM
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