Apartment, New York

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    New York, USA

The New York apartment is a project characterized by refined and precious materials. In the living room, natural light from large windows highlights the welcoming shapes of the large Soul modular sofa, as well as the design of the Domus bookcase and coffee tables. The interiors of the residence feature elegant vertical panels made from a variety of materials. The result is a cosmopolitan and luxurious atmosphere. The use of warm tones, with the addition of touches of bright colour, give life to a modern setting with a refined taste. The Domus table is combined with the Blues chairs with contrasting colours. The absence of dividing walls makes it possible to give wide breadth to this double environment intended for conviviality.

The master and guest bedrooms unfold in plains, creating an area completely dedicated to relaxation. The Roma, Soul and Blues beds are the center points of these environments, furnished to be functional and to facilitate rest. The modern bathrooms covered with precious stones match both in size and chromatic tone to their adjoining rooms.

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