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Our bespoke Projects Division has successfully completed major contract projects around the world, creating furnishings and interiors for accommodations, workplaces, public offices, and private yachts. Turri has been particularly active in producing for hotels and luxury apartments. A special division dedicated to contract projects collaborates with architects and designers to create luxurious interior furnishings. Turri coordinates the work with specialised suppliers, often functioning as the “main contractor,” and avails of the skills of several companies to guarantee high-quality results.

  • Expert analysis and area inspection

    Expert analysis and area inspection Turri’s experts analyse the customer’s proposed project requirements by acquiring layouts, drawings, and images of the structure and interior spaces. Then we evaluate the customer’s demands and the type of furniture the customer would like developed. If requested, Turri architects can go to the site itself, inspect the areas, and discuss the specific needs and stylistic preferences directly with the customer, proposing the best solutions and styles for the project.

  • From preliminary preparation to 3D renderings

    The architects prepare to-scale layouts of the rooms that include the positioning of products and decoration proposals. With the 2D presentation, we propose the best furniture and related materials. Presentation sketches with project details help the customer evaluate the project. 3D renderings give an idea of how the final project will look once realised.

  • Material boards and construction drawings

    Presentation boards are divided by room, with images accompanied by live samples of finishes, fabrics, and leathers to improve the customer’s understanding of the project. Once all parts of the project are approved, the company’s designers prepare technical executive designs of the products and the various decorative proposals for the client’s final approval.

  • Custom manufacturing

    The custom product is managed with particular attention, every aspect is taken care of ad-hoc for the project and is created with extreme care and attention. From the paneling to the equipped walls, up to the storage and upholstered furniture, everything can be customized and made to measure, according to specific project requirements.

  • Technical services and assembly

    As an additional service, a team of specialised assemblers can be sent on location to install the merchandise, or, if necessary, the customer can choose to take advantage of a Turri Supervisor, who manages and oversees the installment carried out by local assemblers.

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