Edge office

Some see an archipelago in its lines, or a naturally disordered landscape, or a perfect city skyline, or even a collage of geometries or a folded sheet of paper, like open origami.

  • Ambiente
  • Designer
    Daniel Libeskind

Edge, the desk designed by Daniel Libeskind, marks the start of a change, the beginning of the “new Turri”, faithful to tradition but with an increas-ingly contemporary direction. Edge has a unique style and incisive design, the hallmark of Libeskind. The desk, composed of several juxtaposed irregular and asymmetrical volumes, is a centrepiece that can be used on different sides.

All its elements are made of wooden structures and black crystal top panels and are all connected with a thin yet solid metal skeleton, visible only from the architectural plan. The result is entirely unexpected, an exploded design that produces alternating and surprising full and empty spaces, prompting the viewer to study the design up close, with the naked eye.