Air decor air purifiers

The Air Decor contains a purification system: a small fan sucks in the air channeling it into a screened area, where it is treated due to the combination of UV rays and selective filters. Once sanitized, the air flow is reintroduced to the environment through the filter located in the lower part. Each room will be deprived of pollutants of any nature, be they chemical, such as the residues of some solvents or detergents; physical, such as particles of smoke or smog; biological, such as mold and bacteria. The Air Decor are covered and embellished with leather, available in various colors, or with solid canaletto walnut wood. Also available with tray.

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  • Technical Information

    Material: aluminum.

    Finishing: canaletto walnut wood or covered with blue leather with Turri logo.

    Treated air volume: 180 m.

    Treatable space: 50 m2.

    Cadr (clean air delivery rate): 150 m /h

    Air cleaning system: Cleaner 1 G4 type – Cleaner 2 F7 type

    UV-C LED operation: 275 nm

    LED duration: 20000 h

    Certification: CE

    TO464 - TO465
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