Private Villa, New Delhi

This project embodies the owner’s passion for contemporary design, with large spaces and unique decorative details. The villa is made up of areas dedicated to conviviality and other more private ones. Built on 2.5 acres of land, it is spread over two floors, with large windows that look out onto nature.

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    New Delhi, India

In the living area we find an open space in which the living room and dining area take place. The Vine sofa becomes the real protagonist, a unique piece able to adapt to the space thanks to its wide modularity. The warm colors with references to nature fit perfectly with the contemporary style of the villa.

Upstairs the master bedroom is designed to be elegant and comfortable, the Zero bed in shades of ash blue gives the room a refined look, and overlooks the walk-in closet, a large area designed to be functional and modern. Turri realizes this project with a careful eye towards the needs of the client and the modern style of the villa, an interior design project that contains a balanced combination of elegance, refinement and functionality.

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