Roma sleeping

The Roma collection reinterprets the handmade ornamentation of Turri’s historical heritage with a modern pattern that can be used as a decoration on glossy lacquered wood or as embroidery on leather.

  • Ambiente
  • Designer
    Monica Armani

In the sleeping area, the main character is the Roma bed, composed with a winged structure. It’s accompanied by Roma beauty, a dressing table, as well as a chest of drawers, bedside tables and home accessories, including a lamp table and a mirror. Roma was conceived as an expression of simplicity and elegance. With its round or oval shapes and tactile curves, this collection is highly suitable for sophisticated, modern homes.

An elegant design for the sleeping area, the Roma chest of drawers is available with four drawers or with three drawers and a shelf. The Roma bedside table‘s curves follow the trend of rounded shapes in the collection. It features a sliding drawer covered in leather, while the shelf is made of glossy lacquered wood or walnut wood. The drawer integrates perfectly with its structure. The shelf appears almost suspended, lending an extreme lightness to the design. The Roma dressing table is suitable for the sleeping area. Its elongated and curved top, reminiscent of the shape of a buttonhole, reflects the stylistic features of the collection.