Frank Jiang

Frank Jiang is widely recognised as one of China’s Top Interior Designers. Thanks to his close and prolonged collaboration with Chinese universities, Jiang thoroughly discusses design education plans and puts great effort into promoting sustainable development of the interior design sector in China.


He uses the language of international design, with easy-to-understand expressions, to create and emphasise what he sees as “the oriental charm.” While design is known to evolve rapidly, Jiang savours the moment with his endeavours, taking each chance he can to highlight the uniqueness of his projects.

It is from the meeting of oriental inspiration, contemporary style andItalian craftsmanship that Turri’s collaboration with Frank Jiang is born: a line of refined and precious furnishing accessories designed to meet the tastes of the new cosmopolitan generations.

The important processes and the combination of quality materials define a line that is rich, elegant and modern at the same time.