Monica Armani

Ask Monica Armani and she will tell you to “always look for the essence of the sign.” With her design aesthetic, lines and geometries are not overloaded with elements but rather find a refined point of balance between the memory of years past and contemporary taste.

Projects cared for in every single detail by the Studio team, which is not limited to just the design of the object, but often proposes different functions of use, introducing new techniques and materials and, on some occasions, following all the aspects of the development, in a total service design concept.

Retracing the steps of the great masters, Studio Monica Armani has also chosen to devote itself with attention to temporary architecture, considering it a concrete and conscious response to the sustainability needs of our time.

Turri has created a transversal fil rouge of trends by embracing a contemporary style, as she increasingly seeks to respond to the needs of the younger generations. The collaboration of the brand with Monica Armani has given life and an international touch to the new capsule collection of Turri, ROMA, which finds an ideal balance between aesthetics, innovation, technology and tradition.

“Straight and rounded lines chase each other, connecting to create unique objects born from the union of historical memory and contemporaneity”

Monica Armani